The EVITA system provides a representational scheme that allows ranked access to macroscopic data features. Wavelet transforms of data and grid followed by a wavelet-domain feature detection identifies and ranks contextually significant features. An embedded encoding provides efficient storage and progressive access via interactive region-of-interest (ROI) selection.
  • Visualization & Data Representation - interactors for 4D space-time navigation, priority schedules for field/grid fidelity tradeoffs, lifting wavelets on curvilinear grids, wavelet invariance to selected features
  • Coding & Compression - efficient compression of vector fields and grids, embedded coding of significant features, interactive ROI transcoding
  • Grid Generation & Feature Detection - detection/tracking/ranking of significant features through space-time, multi-grid definition of wavelet-domain operators

Here is the Evita system block diagram:

system block diagram

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